US Military Shoots Down Another Unidentified Object Over Alaska

The US military shot down yet another floating object in the sky, this time over Alaska.

On Friday, White House spokesperson John Kirby confirmed that US president Joe Biden instructed the Pentagon to down an unidentified object over Alaskan waters on Thursday night. He said the object was floating at an altitude of around 40,000 feet and was “roughly the size of a small car”, which is much smaller than the Chinese spy balloon that was shot down by fighter jets over the coast of South Carolina last weekend.

Government officials described the situation as a “fast-moving” development, and have yet to determine whether the object was part of a research or commercial operation that may have gone astray, whether it had surveillance equipment attached to it, or whether its even a balloon or not. “President Biden ordered the military to down the object, and they did,” Kirby explained, adding that recovery efforts on the resulting debris will be initiated.

US government officials cited by the New York Times said the object’s breach into US airspace was relatively brief, giving the US military little time to determine what the object actually was, or where it could have originated from. The newest unidentified object comes as Americans and Canadians become captivated by the Chinese spy balloon fiasco, which US government officials say was part of a fleet of floating balloons directed by the Chinese military to surveil over 40 countries in recent years.

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