Verses AI Selects Biological Computing Firm As Second Private Beta Partner

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Verses AI (NEO: VERS) has selected a second partner for its beta program focused on its new Genius platform. Cortical Labs, a startup focused on biological computing, is the second name to be announced under the beta program.

The private beta program will see a total of ten initial companies strategically selected to assist in the advancement of the Genius platform. The partners are said to be handpicked to enable Verses to harness the expertise of industry leaders as it continues to develop intelligent software systems.

Cortical Labs, whom was recently backed by the venture capital arm of the Central Intelligence Agency, is focused on fusing live neurons with silicon chips. They are also responsible for the creation of DishBrain, which is a synthetic biological computer that has 800,000 neurons that were grown in-vitro, which is capable of performing goal-directed tasks. Notably, some of their work is based on the free energy principle, which was developed by Karl Friston, Chief Scientist for Verses.

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“Our research concludes that biological processes are more energy efficient than current GPU technologies and have a higher sample efficiency for training than current state-of-the-art reinforcement learning techniques. We hope this will result in greater accessibility to the technology regarding cost and, more importantly, a lower environmental footprint than traditional AI to make and operate,” commented Hon Weng Chong, CEO of Cortical. “We are excited to form this partnership with VERSES and collaborate on innovative ways to advance our technologies.”

The selection of Cortical Labs as a partner follows the company announcing last week that it had handpicked Nalantis, a next-generation language tech company, as its first participant.

Verses AI last traded at $1.24 on the Neo.

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