Verses Proposes Regulatory Path For AI In New Report

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Verses AI (NEO: VERS) is calling for the safe development of artificial intelligence following recent concerns from major tech names about the path of development currently being seen in the space. Firms such as OpenAI have as of late have called for the regulation of the space due to the potential “existential risk” it poses.

Verses has partnered with Dentons US, a major law firm, and the Spatial Web Foundation in a new industry report slated to be released later this week, entitled “THE ROAD TO AUTONOMY: A Path To Global AI Governance.” Within, the trio provide an analysis of the legal and legislative trends on the state of AI regulation, while providing a path forward for the development of government regulations.

“AI is advancing at an unprecedented pace, raising concerns about the direction of its future trajectory. As AI evolves towards autonomous systems, the need for regulation becomes critical. We must address the challenge of regulating self-regulating AI to ensure alignment with human values and prevent potential risks,” commented Verses CEO Gabriel Rene.

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Utilizing the legal and legislative experience of Dentons, along with the AI experience by Verses and the Spatial Web Foundation, the report is said to contain a new approach for regulators and lawmakers to keep pace with rapid advancements in AI. The group has suggested implemented standards that can be encoded into a machine-readable language that will enable comprehension and autonomous compliance by AI systems.

A key aspect is said to be the alignment of autonomous intelligent systems with that of human values and cutting the risk of harmful behaviour as such systems continue to evolve and take on a life of their own.

“By implementing global technical standards and establishing an international AI regulatory framework, we can harness the immense benefits of AI while safeguarding against its potential perils,” continued Rene.

An executive summary of the report can be found here.

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