Verses Files Patent For Technical Breakthrough In AI

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A technical breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence is being reported to have occurred by Verses AI (NEO: VERS), who this morning indicated it has filed a patent application covering what it refers to as a milestone invention.

The invention is said to relate to the automating of the generation of intelligent software agents from data sets, which are able to interact with software and hardware systems such as drones, sensors, robots, and actuators. The tech was designed to streamline as well as automate the creation of digital taskmasters, or what it calls intelligent agents.

The tech behind the patent is said to follow a process that consists of creating a structured model of the world in an HSML graph, which is then turned into a blueprint for how the agent should behave. The agent is then “tuned” to perform within specific parameters, with examples provided including managing a smart home or manufacturing facility, or operating in a drone or vehicle.

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The goal of the tech is to create an advanced, adaptable, and effective AI system, which is the next step above current AI tech that currently mimics rather than understands data. Current AI models are said to create content based upon patterns rather than through full comprehending the data. The tech patented by Verses meanwhile is said to have the capacity to evaluate and consider responses before making them, and is able to assess the context of a scenario, which the company refers to as the capacity to “think.”

“We believe our latest patent filing marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of AI. By enabling AI systems to understand and interact with people and the world, we believe our technology has the potential for an era where intelligent, adaptable, and scalable autonomous systems are able to meet complex real-world challenges head-on,” commented Verses CEO Gabriel Rene.

The tech was developed by Verses Chief Scientist Karl Friston, along with the firms R&D and development teams. The development is expected to lay the groundwork for guidance systems for AI, with the systems to contribute to safe and more efficient operation, and the potential regulatory compliance of large language models, among other benefits.

Verses AI last traded at $1.70 on the Neo.

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