Verses Tech To Launch AI-Based Personal Assistant

Verses Technologies (NEO: VERS) is set to launch what it refers to as the worlds first General Intelligent Agent, or GIA, which will hit the market in summer 2023. The tech, described as a “breakthrough in AI,” is being presented as “a new human-centered way for businesses and individuals to interact with technology.”

The proprietary technology is said to be a personal AI-based assistant that will learn about its users. The learning feature is set to enable the assistant to better organize, manage, and optimize the users “digital life.” The assistant is said to be both voice and text based, and will enable a user to conduct searches, filtering, and summarize the data across multiple sources.

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“In the Web 2.0 era an ‘app for that’ resulted in users needing to search across hundreds of single-purpose apps and more devices than anyone can keep track of. The digital overload and administrative drudgery have left users wanting ‘less’ from technology,” said Verses’ Chief Technology Officer Jason Fox.

The tech is expected to reduce “information overload,” while improving productivity and decision-making. The tech, which can search across multiple apps, websites, devices, and systems, will be able to provide contextualized information and online automation, while at the same time conducting data organization, predictive reasoning, and demonstrating the ability to learn over time.

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True to a personal assistant, the tech is also expected to be able to manage calendars, schedule appointments, send messages, and interact with smart home devices and appliances, as well as industrial robots and autonomous vehicles.

“The field of AI is experiencing exciting innovations but even state-of-the-art models are still narrowly-focused tools based on public datasets.  We believe GIA can do better, not just by learning about the world, but by learning about us and our lives and providing us with a smarter, safer, and more natural personal computing experience,” commented CEO Gabriel Rene.

Verses Technologies last traded at $0.90 on the Neo.

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