Wagner Group Leaders Abandoned Coup Attempt Amid Threats to Family, New Insights Reveal

In a startling revelation, UK security sources indicate that Russian intelligence services threatened the families of Wagner Group leaders, leading to its founder Yevgeny Prigozhin’s decision to call off his march on Moscow.

Contrary to previous claims, it has been assessed that the mercenary force comprised only 8,000 fighters, rather than the previously stated 25,000, making a successful takeover of the Russian capital highly unlikely.

Insights shared with The Telegraph suggest that Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to integrate Wagner Group soldiers into the Russian military while targeting their former leaders. This analysis provides valuable clues regarding the mysterious circumstances surrounding Prigozhin’s sudden change of plans just hours before reaching Moscow.

The nature of any formal agreement between the parties remains speculative. The Kremlin announced that Prigozhin would head to Belarus in exchange for a pardon from charges of treason. Prigozhin has not commented on this suggestion, and it remains uncertain if Sergei Shoigu, the Russian defense minister, will face demotion or dismissal as demanded by Prigozhin.

Prominent Kremlin propagandist Andrey Gurulyov, a Russian MP, publicly declared that there is “no option” but to execute Prigozhin and another influential Wagner figure. Since his address to the nation on Saturday morning, Putin has not been seen in public, but a prerecorded interview filmed earlier in the week was broadcast on state television on Sunday. In the interview, Putin expressed confidence in the realization of his plans for what he continues to refer to as a “special military operation” in Ukraine.

Reports indicate that the United States had prior knowledge of a potential Wagner mutiny, with concerns in Washington, DC, revolving around the possibility of Putin losing control of his nuclear arsenal in the event of a full-blown coup against the Kremlin.

Russia’s Ministry of Defense accused Ukraine of exploiting the chaos caused by Prigozhin’s coup attempt to intensify attacks near Bakhmut in Donbas. Ukrainian military forces announced territorial gains on Sunday.

Both the British Ministry of Defense and Ukrainian military sources confirmed increased Ukrainian offensives and improved tactics against well-prepared Russian defenses in recent days. The distraction caused by Prigozhin’s coup attempt may have weakened Russia’s frontline, according to analysts.

Despite not withdrawing any units to defend Moscow against the Wagner fighters, Prigozhin called on regular army soldiers to desert. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken described the armed uprising in Russia as a “direct challenge to Putin’s authority” and highlighted the “real cracks” that have emerged as a result of the amnesty deal imposed on Putin.

The impact of the Wagner mutiny on the Ukrainian battlefield remains uncertain, but Ukraine claims to have made fresh gains in its counter-offensive over the weekend.

The Kremlin has announced that Wagner soldiers who did not participate in the coup will be absorbed into the Russian defense forces, while those who did will allegedly face no further prosecution. Meanwhile, members of Russia’s convict army have issued threats against Prigozhin, accusing him of betraying them by abandoning the Kremlin coup attempt. In an online video, the prisoners-turned-fighters denounced Prigozhin’s “cowardice” and expressed the belief that they had been “double-crossed” and now faced retribution for their loyalty.

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