Wanna Bet On Who The Owner Of White House Cocaine Is? Well, You Can (And Guess Who’s Leading the Odds)

The White House, being one of the most heavily-monitored and secured places on Earth, is the last place you’d think anyone would find some white powder just lying around — except that’s what happened Sunday night.

On July 2, Secret Service agents discovered an unknown substance that was later identified as “cocaine hydrochloride.” While the investigation is ongoing on who might have been so brave (or high) to bring a baggie near the Oval Office, betting site BetOnline.ag has launched a list of potential owners. 

Not surprisingly, the list is long and star-studded. And not surprisingly, presidential son Hunter Biden, who’s admitted to a history of drug abuse, is leading the odds.

Citing a source familiar with the matter, Reuters reported that the illegal substance was found in a cubby hole in a heavily traveled area of the West Wing where visitors typically store their electronics and belongings before going on tours. 

The source also revealed that the Secret Service is currently reviewing visitor logs and surveillance footage as part of their investigation. 

The West Wing, which houses important areas such as the Oval Office, cabinet room, and workspace for presidential staff, sees hundreds of people passing through regularly, including political staff, guests, and members of the press. 

White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed that West Wing tours took place over the weekend when the substance was discovered.

Following the routine Secret Service sweep on Sunday evening, the cocaine’s presence led to a temporary closure of the White House complex. President Joe Biden and his family were not present at the time, as they had been spending the holiday weekend at Camp David. The President, who considers the matter “incredibly important,” has not provided further comment on the incident.

Administration officials are permitted to offer tours of certain areas of the West Wing to friends and family members. Non-staff visitors are required to store their personal belongings, including electronics, in the cubicles provided before commencing the tour.

In Washington, DC, where the White House is located, possession of cocaine, a “schedule II” drug under the U.S. Controlled Substance Act, is considered a misdemeanor. While the Secret Service has not disclosed the quantity of cocaine found, the investigation remains ongoing. 

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