A Stolen Tank Was Found In A Scrapyard In Israel

A stolen tank, previously reported missing from a military base in northern Israel, has been located at a scrapyard approximately 20 kilometers south of Haifa, as confirmed by Israeli police and the Ministry of Defence. 

The tank, identified as a decommissioned Merkava Mk II chassis with no functioning weaponry or systems, was taken from an army training base near Eliakim Interchange in northern Israel.

The military clarified that the tank was used solely as a stationary training vehicle and posed no security threat. It has since been returned to the security system.

“From a preliminary investigation of the circumstances of the case, it is suspected that the tank is not active and was stolen from the scene for reasons that are being investigated at this stage,” a police statement said.

“Upon locating the stolen tank, a notification was sent to the Ministry of Defence and the police opened a joint investigation with the Ministry of Defence,” it said.

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The police said that two suspects have been arrested in connection with the theft. No news yet on how the 65-ton tank was brought to the scrapyard unnoticed.

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