Aberdeen International Sees AES-100 Tech Selected By US Department Of Energy For Energy Project

Aberdeen International (TSX: AAB) has seen its recent acquisition, AES-100, selected by the US Department of Energy for deployment. The arrangement will see the firms tech deployed at Hawaii Gas to compliment synthetic natural gas production.

The arrangement with the US DOE will see the company work to improve the efficiency of the production facility. Efficiency is to be improved by the extraction of pure hydrogen from the low-purity waste syngas stream. The result of this is an improved cost of production for Hawaii Gas’ natural gas, a reduced carbon footprint, and a new revenue stream from that of the sale of the hydrogen that is to be produced.

The deployment of technology by the DOE is a landmark achievement for Aberdeen, with the implementation of the tech opening a path to the $50 billion dilute syngas to hydrogen market. The production of natural gas sees a low-purity hydrogen waste stream that, with the AES modular technology, can be selectively separated to create a high purity hydrogen product that can then be used for new revenue streams.

“Hawaii has the highest electricity prices in the USA (30 to 40 cents/kWh). Recovering hydrogen from stranded dilute syngas can add millions of dollars in new revenue for Hawaii Gas and make it electricity-independent. It will also provide much needed hydrogen for a growing fleet of fuel-cell vehicles in Hawaii, as well as forklifts provided by Plug Power Inc.”

Pinakin Patel

The project is set to prove the capability of the AES-100 system as a solution to improve plant efficiencies and reduce carbon footprints in a modular, scalable setting. It also enables such facilities to expand their current product offerings to include products within the $2.5 trillion hydrogen market.

Aberdeen International last traded at $0.24 on the TSX.

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