Aberdeen Sees Hydrogen-Focused Investee Develop Novel Tech For Gas Extraction

Aberdeen International (TSX: AAB) has seen the continued development of one of its minority investments, referred to as AES-100. The hydrogen-focused firm has reportedly developed an innovative new process for the gas that could enable new means of extraction.

The AES-100 team, lead by Pinakin Patel, has developed a process that enables the extraction of hydrogen from natural gas pipelines in an efficient manner, something that has not been previously commercially viable. If the process is proven effective, the tech has the potential to significantly progress the availability of hydrogen for its use as a clean energy fuel, due to its ability to utilize existing infrastructure.

To date, the company has bench-tested the new technology for over 5,000 hours to show the viability of the product. The firm will now work towards scaling its testing to mimic real-world conditions and prove that the tech is viable in these settings.

The development follows the news that Aberdeen has recently appointed a clean energy veteran, Martin Schuermann, as executive chairman of the company. The firm is currently in the process of redefining itself within the clean energy sector, with one of its cornerstone investments being AES-100.

Aberdeen International last traded at $0.18 on the TSX.

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