Aberdeen International To Study Nuclear Plants For Potential Hydrogen Production

Aberdeen International (TSX: AAB) this morning revealed that it is looking into the application of hydrogen for nuclear reactors. The research follows the recent acquisition of AES-100, whom has the exclusive rights to tech for the production of hydrogen from dilute syngas.

The investigation being conducted by the firm is looking into the potential use of hydrogen to improve the efficiency of nuclear reactors. Furthermore, it is being researched whether such tech could offer a solution to prevent US and European reactors from retiring early due to high costs when compared to heavily subsidized energy alternatives.

Currently, many nuclear plants find it difficult to compete with natural gas and renewable energy generation on a cost basis. Such plants however, as per Aberdeen, appear to be a “perfect component to produce green hydrogen.” Effectively, the excess electricity and steam produced by nuclear reactors could be utilized for the production of hydrogen in times when grid demand is lower, thereby maximizing efficiency of the reactor through stabilized power output while also providing an in-demand product.

The result, is that nuclear power could transform into a major piece in the hydrogen strategy, while also remaining a source of green energy output and allowing for maximum efficiency – and thus remaining competitive on a cost basis. AES-100 has indicated that it will continue to investigate opportunities and markets for hydrogen. A timeline for the investigation was not provided.

Aberdeen International last traded at $0.265 on the TSX.

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