Arctic Star Releases Caustic Fusion Results For 2022 Drill Program

Caustic fusion results are finally in for Arctic Star Exploration (TSXV: ADD) from their drill program completed earlier this year at the Sequoia Kimberlite Complex, which is part of the Diagras JV project in the Northwest Territories.

The caustic fusion results come from a total of 1.65 tonnes of HQ split core, collected from a total of five holes that encountered kimberlite from a six hole drill program. The program was focused on delinating the size, shape, geology and tonnage of the complex. Drilling was focused on the southern 200 metre portion of the 800 metre long complex.

Results from the caustic fusion were broken down by diamond size, with the 1,650 kilograms of core resulting in 61 stones (diamonds) per 100 kg. Results are as follows.

Most significantly, the microdiamond population continues to dominantly consist of white and clear diamonds, which is in-line with data collected in 2021. If this tendency continues into the larger commercial stones, Arctic Star indicates that it “bodes well for a higher than average price for the Sequoia diamonds.”

Diamonds from the Lac De Gras are said to have a range of value, which differs from kimberlite to kimberlite. Prices are said to be within a range of US$30 per carat to US$450 per carat. The tendency for the Sequoia diamonds to be type 2 stones and white clear stones bodes well for a higher than average price, as per Arctic Star.

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This theory is said to require a large sample size of over 1000ct of commercial size diamonds to verify it, a sample which is slated to be collected in 2024. Planning and budgeting for the 2023 program meanwhile is slated to be underway, with further drilling slated to occur at the complex.

Arctic Star Exploration last traded at $0.045 on the TSX Venture.

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