Canada’s Financial Watchdog Releases Campaign to Advise People Who Can’t Afford Their Homes

As many Canadians continue to face financial strain, the federal government has launched a new campaign offering guidance on mortgage relief measures and dealing with potential defaults. Yes, it’s that bad. 

On the campaign’s website, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada’s guidelines instruct banks to work with struggling homeowners, extending amortization periods, waiving penalties, and providing tailored support to those at risk of missing payments.

It paints a grim picture — but, belatedly — of the “exceptional circumstances” driving this need: soaring household debt, rising costs of living, and rapid interest rate hikes. It highlights what many already know: for those renewing mortgages or facing payments tied to variable rates, the combination could prove disastrous without intervention. Even homeowners with fixed-rate renewals may find themselves unable to qualify under stricter requirements.

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Critics argue the measures are a band-aid on a housing affordability crisis years in the making. The government is now advising citizens on how to essentially keep a roof over their heads amid policy failures. The reality is that these “exceptional” financial hardships are becoming the norm for too many families.

While the website encourages homeowners to explore options like selling, the underlying message is clear: an entire generation’s dream of homeownership has become a struggle for solvency on the government’s watch. 

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