Cardi B Is Furious Over Inflation, Cost Of Housing: “Living Is Unbearable”

Grammy-winning songwriter and rapper Cardi B took to Instagram Live on Saturday to air out her outrage over inflation and the soaring cost of housing. The rapper was comparing prices from when she was helping out a cousin look for a new apartment just a few months ago to recently when she was helping out someone else find a new place.

“I was helping my cousin get an apartment and now I’m helping someone else get one,” she said. “I was looking at some areas and the way prices soared up — living is unbearable.” 

The US consumer price index continued to rise in August, which recorded an 8.3% increase year-on-year. The rate sets the ground for a potential 100 basis-point interest rate hike for the Fed, making it even less affordable to own a home.

And while inflation is very slowly cooling, food prices hit a record 43-year high. And these prices are hitting Cardi B hard.

“How are people surviving? I want to know, like my family and my friends are so grateful to have me,” the rapper pondered. “But what about people that don’t have a me?”

Cardi B, who’s a vocal supporter of President Joe Biden, acknowledged that people were going to go after her for telling everyone to support Biden, but she emphasized that the crisis is affecting the rest of the world and not just the United States. 

“Y’all be coming for me, ‘you tell people to vote for Joe Biden.’ — this is a worldwide motherf*cking problem,” she said.

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