Chinese Communist Elites Expected to Select President Xi Jinping for Third Term

China’s top Communist Party officials are expected to select current president Xi Jinping for a third term, in an unprecedented move that will surely cement the communist country’s authoritarian regime for another five years.

Over 2,300 Party elites met during the 20th Party congress over the weekend, to select political leaders and committee memberships for the next five years. During the meetings, which also include various staged events for the public, speeches, and private discussions, it is anticipated that delegates will approve yet another term for President Xi come March. Aside from officially announcing Xi’s appointment, communist officials are also going to approve a revision to the Party’s constitution, and likely give Xi paramount leader status, or even “party chairman”— a term that hasn’t been used since Mao Zedong’s dictatorship.

Should the congress appoint Xi to “party chairman,” it would mean the country’s political system would become substantially less diverse. “If that happens, it raises the spectre that all the abominable policy failures that inevitably accompany such a shift — whether those that China itself experienced under Mao during the Cultural Revolution, or that Russia today is witnessing under Putin— could repeat themselves,” explained Chinese law expert Carl Minzner, as cited by the Guardian.

Indeed, during his speech, Xi highlighted that security is a top priority in ensuring China’s success, going as far as to mention the word at least 50 times. According to the president, the country is up against “dangerous storms,” such as growing geopolitical tensions with the US and other western democracies. Xi applauded the crackdown in Hong Kong, and emphasized the need to create a stronger unification with Taiwan. “The wheels of history are rolling on towards China’s reunification and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,” he declared.

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