‘Crazy Plane Lady’ Issues Teary Apology: “We All Have Our Bad Moments”

The “Crazy Plane Lady” who gained notoriety after a viral video surfaced last month, showing her fervently addressing passengers, has broken her silence. Tiffany Gomas, a 38-year-old marketing executive hailing from Texas, has formally addressed the incident captured on video during an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Orlando.

In the now-infamous video, Gomas made a passionate plea to the flight crew, insisting on her exit before takeoff. She exclaimed, “I’m telling you, I’m getting the f— off and there’s a reason why I’m getting the f— off and everyone can either believe it or they cannot believe it.”

Gomas, visibly distressed, pointed towards the rear of the aircraft and proclaimed, “that motherf—er back there is not real,” leaving passengers puzzled about her concerns and motives.

“You can sit on this plane, and you can die with them or not. I’m not going to,” she added. She was allowed to leave the plane before it took off.

On Sunday, in a video shared on X (formerly Twitter), Gomas introduced herself and addressed the unfolding controversy.

“First and foremost, I want to take full accountability for my actions,” she said. “They were completely unacceptable. Distressed or not … I should have been in control of my emotions. And that was not the case.”

Gomas extended her apologies, particularly to fellow passengers, especially families with children, acknowledging that her use of explicit language was “completely unnecessary.”

“We all have our bad moments, some far worse than others. And mine happened to be caught on camera for the whole world to see multiple times,” she added, her eyes welling up.

Gomas admitted finding amusement in the humor spawned by the video. She expressed gratitude towards her loved ones for their unwavering support during this trying period.

“It has been really comical for everyone and I have highly enjoyed so many of the memes,” she reflected. “On the flip side, it is very invasive and unkind, and I don’t know what I would do without the love and support of my friends and family.”

Concluding on an optimistic note, Gomas aspired to turn her experience into a force for good. “I hope that I can use this experience and do a little bit of good in the world, and that is what I intend to do,” she affirmed. “I hope that you guys can accept my apology and I can begin to move on with my life.”

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