Dominion Water Begins Development of Quebec Esker Water Reserve

Dominion Water Reserves (CSE: DWR) this afternoon announced that they are currently in the process of developing one of only two permitted esker water reserves in Quebec. The esker is a unique water resource that differs from other water reserves within the province as a result of its high natural silicon content.

The water reserve itself is 5 acres in size and located in the Outaouais region of Quebec. The reserve has an authorized annual volume of nearly 1 billion litres of water, which amounts to roughly 9.4% of water volume available within Quebec under water abstraction authorizations. In terms of water volume, it is the second largest source of authorized volume within the province.

The reserve itself is now ready for bulk transport and is currently accessible to markets. Given the high natural silicon content and unique quality, the company is currently looking to partner with a specialty beverage manufacturer to begin operations, and is said to be a highly sought after in the specialized water market.

The company currently has its development plan underway while it looks for manufacturing partners.

Dominion Water Reserves last traded at $0.20 on the CSE.

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