Elon Musk, Jake Paul Endorsements May Hurt Candidates with Young Voters, Poll Finds

In the coming national election, not all influencer support is good, it appears. A recent Blueprint poll found that endorsements from certain celebrities could actually have a negative impact on a candidate’s support among young voters aged 18-30. 

Most notably, 26% of young voters said an endorsement from Elon Musk, the highest percentage for any celebrity tested, would make them less likely to vote for the candidate he backs.

The poll also found that 24% of young voters would be less likely to support a candidate endorsed by YouTuber Jake Paul. This suggests endorsements from controversial online personalities may do more harm than good with the youth vote.

In contrast, 24% said an endorsement from actress Zendaya would make them more likely to vote for a candidate, the highest positive impact of the celebrities polled. Her support could potentially boost a candidate’s appeal with young voters.

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Source: Blueprint

The poll above is part of a bigger poll that sheds light on the top issues young voters care about. The most prioritized issues include inflation (73%), healthcare (71%), jobs and the economy (70%), government spending and the federal deficit (63%), corruption (63%), and Social Security and Medicare (62%).

While young voters trust President Joe Biden over former President Donald Trump on most issues, Trump holds an advantage on two key matters: reducing prices (52% trust Trump more) and securing the border (53% trust Trump more). 

The Biden administration’s policies aimed at price reduction, such as investing in agricultural supply chains, banning “junk fees,” and allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices, resonate most with young voters.

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