Elon Musk Throws Another Twitter Fit After Dogecoin Co-Creator Calls Him A “Grifter”

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and self-described freedom of speech absolutist, had select words for Dogecoin co-creator Jackson Palmer after the latter spoke candidly about him in an interview.

The story of these two begins a few years ago, around 2018. At the time, crypto scam bots impersonating famous people were becoming a huge problem and Palmer created a bot that would automatically detect cryptocurrency scams in one’s Twitter mentions, and then automatically report them to the platform. Palmer had worked with Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey and his product management team to make sure that they would get the reports instantly. 

“I gave it to other crypto influencers,” Palmer told Crikey, an Australian news outlet. “Elon reached out to me to get hold of that script and it became apparent very quickly that he didn’t understand coding as well as he made out. He asked, ‘How do I run this Python script?’”

It’s unclear if the developer ever was a fan of Musk before this incident, but he said that after he gave him the script, he “wasn’t a fan of him.”

“He’s a grifter, he sells a vision in hopes that he can one day deliver what he’s promising, but he doesn’t know that. He’s just really good at pretending he knows. That’s very evident with the Tesla full-self-driving promise,” Palmer opined.

In 2013, Palmer and Billy Markus created Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency that was supposed to be a joke, based on the “Doge” meme that featured a Shiba Inu. The creators didn’t expect for it to be taken seriously, but it became very popular very quickly. The two creators eventually left the project a mere two years later. 

Palmer has since denounced crypto, and has been critical of the industry and what it does, saying that it’s “controlled by a powerful cartel of wealthy figures.”

And Musk has over the years become a staunch supporter of Dogecoin. His image has become so intertwined with it that he’s able to influence its price value with his tweets.

In the interview, Palmer attempts to dissect why this is the case, “I said Elon Musk was and always will be a grifter but the world loves grifters.”

And of course, Musk tweeted a response.

The developer also shared his thoughts on the billionaire’s Twitter takeover. He believes that Musk’s intention is to destroy the platform. 

“His play is to either dismantle all trust, or maybe he’s delusional enough to think he can build an alternative. The other alternative is that he wants to drive it into the ground at a much lower price, and I think that’s what he’s doing.”

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  • June 1, 2022 5:24 PM at 5:24 pm

    There’s a scam going around that says it’s elon designed trading bots (with a select brokerage)…start with $250 and within a month you’ll be making 7k/week or somethjng like that….I wish he woyld say he isn’t involved and that it’s a scam


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