Is Elon Musk Quietly Shutting Down X’s Ad Revenue Sharing?

A growing number of creators on Elon Musk’s X are reporting that the platform is demonetizing them by pausing their eligibility for ad revenue sharing.

Diligent Denizen posted that Rawsalerts, the breaking news account with over 800,000 followers, has had its ad revenue sharing eligibility paused for the past two to three weeks with no proper feedback from the platform. The user also pointed out that “MANY other creators,” big and small alike are having the same issue.

According to meme account Majestic Memes who replied to Diligent Denizen’s post, he received a notice that his ad revenue sharing was paused without being provided a clear reason, just the general “violated monetization terms of service” claim.

Affected users claim that attempts to get clarity from X have been futile, leading to the speculation that this is just a way for Musk to get out of the ad revenue sharing model (at least for some users, but not for MrBeast, definitely) that was rolled out in July when X was trying to get creators back on the platform.

The model has had many issues concerning computations and metrics, but the biggest issue may be X’s capacity to share ad revenue at the moment. 

Many of its advertisers also walked away after a series of events in Novemeber that started when watchdog Media Matters reported that advertiser content from major brands like IBM, Apple, and Disney ran alongside pro-Nazi content, then peaked when Musk appeared to support and promote a popular antisemitic theory, and ended with Musk telling advertisers to go f*ck themselves.

Incidentally, the company announced that the platform will soon allow advertisers to run ads “against a curated list of premium content creators via Creator Targeting.”

“This means giving advertisers more control to be able to use the self-serve X Ads Manager to run ads against the content of their chosen creator(s),” they wrote in a blog post.

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