Epstein List: Clinton, Prince Andrew, “Spanish” President, And Other Prominent Names In The Released Deposition

Hundreds of pages of previously sealed documents related to a lawsuit connected to the late accused sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein were made public on Wednesday. The unsealed documents are expected to contain nearly 200 names, including those of Epstein’s accusers, prominent business figures, politicians, and more.

This marks the first time that these documents, filed with a court, have been released through the legal system, providing a comprehensive insight into the allegations surrounding Epstein’s illicit activities. The documents include excerpts from depositions of Ghislaine Maxwell and Virginia Giuffre, shedding light on their accounts of the events.

Johanna Sjoberg, a former associate of Epstein, revealed in her deposition an incident involving Prince Andrew, where she claimed he jokingly touched her breast while taking photos. Sjoberg’s deposition, previously private, is now part of the unsealed documents, providing a fresh perspective on the allegations.

The release of these documents also revisits the out-of-court settlement between Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre in her sexual abuse lawsuit against him. Despite the settlement, Prince Andrew has consistently denied any wrongdoing.

The Epstein list: Who is in it?

Prominent names like Bill Clinton are referenced in the documents, with Sjoberg recalling Epstein mentioning that Clinton “likes them young.” Clinton’s spokesperson reiterated that the former president had flown on Epstein’s private plane but was unaware of any criminal activities.

American billionaire Thomas Pritzker was mentioned in the documents, as Giuffre admits she had sex with him once. She also mentioned meeting foreign presidents, including a “Spanish” one in New Mexico.

Billionaire hedge fund founder Glenn Dubin, litigator Alan Dershowitz, French model scout, Jean-Luc Brunel, and businessman Les Wexner, are some of the names mentioned in the documents.

The unsealed documents go beyond high-profile figures, revealing identities linked to Epstein’s associates, victims, and employees. Notably, some victims’ names remain redacted due to the sensitive nature of the crimes.

Epstein, indicted in 2019 on federal charges related to operating a sex trafficking ring, died by suicide in jail while awaiting trial. Maxwell, convicted in 2021 on sex trafficking charges, is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence.

The unsealing of identities has sparked renewed public interest. However, it’s crucial to note that inclusion in the unredacted documents does not imply wrongdoing, as some names are associated with Epstein’s powerful network without direct involvement in illegal activities.

This release follows a long legal battle and a court order from December 18. Additional documents are expected to be unsealed, contributing to a broader understanding of the extent of Epstein’s operations and the individuals connected to them.

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