Epstein List: New York Judge Orders Release of Jeffrey Epstein-Linked Names in Sex Trafficking Case

A New York judge is set to unveil nearly 200 names associated with the Jeffrey Epstein-Ghislaine Maxwell sex trafficking conspiracy, potentially exposing the identities of long-veiled figures linked to the disgraced financier. The release, scheduled for this week, follows a 51-page order by US District Judge Loretta Preska, who weighed the decision to unseal or redact the names of approximately 180 individuals previously identified as John and Jane Does.

The genesis of this revelation can be traced back to a defamation claim filed by victim Virginia Giuffre against Ghislaine Maxwell in 2015, leading to the disclosure of names in legal depositions. Maxwell’s unsuccessful motion to dismiss the case in 2016 set the stage for a series of civil lawsuits, including Giuffre’s action against Britain’s Prince Andrew, which was later settled out of court in 2017.

While the imminent release of these names sparks anticipation, expectations of criminal charges may be overstated, given Epstein’s death in 2019 and Maxwell’s conviction in December 2021. Federal prosecutors have indicated that they consider their work concluded after Maxwell’s trial.

Nevertheless, Judge Preska’s order is poised to be a source of embarrassment for many high-profile figures, with the focus primarily on the identities of John Does. The list is expected to encompass associates, employees, and individuals who frequented Epstein’s properties, including a New York mansion, a Palm Beach villa, a US Virgin Islands private island, and a ranch outside Santa Fe.

Of particular interest are mentions of a former US president, actors, academics, and the reclusive British prince, among others. Notably, “Jane Doe 162” testified about her presence with Prince Andrew, Maxwell, and Giuffre at Epstein’s New York mansion when she was 17.

Former US President Bill Clinton, identified as “Doe 36,” has been linked to Epstein in more than 50 redacted filings, although Giuffre made no allegations of wrongdoing against him. Flight logs revealed Clinton’s extensive travels on Epstein’s plane, prompting inquiries that were met with rejection by Clinton’s legal representatives.

A list of Epstein’s supposed flight logs has been made public, although X claims this is misleading as these flight logs “were made public in 2021” and is “unrelated to the expected unsealing tomorrow of the identities of previously redacted John and Jane Does with ties to Epstein.”

The upcoming release is anticipated to shed light on Epstein’s network beyond his solicitation conviction, revealing connections with influential figures like the director of the CIA, William Burns, and former White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler, alongside public figures like Noam Chomsky, Reid Hoffman, Woody Allen, Bill Gates, and others.

While the imminent unsealing may not necessarily result in criminal implications for the mentioned individuals, it adds a new chapter to the ongoing scrutiny surrounding the Epstein-Maxwell saga.

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