Liberal Spending: Canadian Delegation to the UN Climate Summit in Egypt Spent $622K Just on Airfare

The Canadian delegation, led by Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault, reportedly spent $1.8 million to attend the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt in November, according to Blacklock’s Reporter.

The report says that according to federal records, the Canadian delegation’s 266 members, 53 of which were in Guilbeault’s department, spent $1 million on hotel charges, $622,000 on airfares, and $27,000 on meals for the 12-day event. 

The news drew flak on social media earlier in the month, as the cost of living crisis continues to weigh Canadians down. Liberals also have been called out previously for instances of liberal spending, like when they spent $6 million on a quarantine hotel in 2022 after restrictions had eased. 

According to Rebel News, Guilbeault said that these figures are the costs incurred by different government departments as of November 21, but they are not the final costs. The minister also said that only costs for federal employees, and some representatives from Indigenous, youth, and civil service groups are shouldered by taxpayers. Most of the event’s delegates pay for their own expenses.

Instances like this have turned Canadians off on the Liberal Party’s no-holds-barred approach toward the climate crisis.

A poll conducted in October showed that Canadians are far more concerned about the cost of living/inflation and healthcare than climate change. The same poll showed that 37% of the respondents would vote Conservative in the next election, while only 30% would support the Liberal Party.

Scotiabank’s annual Worry Poll also shows that Canadians who worry spend the most time worrying about their finances, particularly paying for day-to-day expenses (44%), paying off debt (39%), and saving for emergencies (38%). 

The poll also found that the average number of hours Canadians spend worrying about their finances each week has increased since July 2021.

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