Microsoft Is Going Nuclear, Hiring Post Reveals

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), the tech giant headquartered in Seattle, is taking bold strides towards supplying power-hungry data warehouses and AI processing centers with carbon-free energy through Small Modular Reactors (SMRs).

In pursuit of this vision, Microsoft is actively recruiting a ‘Principal Program Manager, Nuclear Technology,’ tasked with the crucial mission of advancing and implementing a comprehensive global strategy for small modular reactors and microreactor energy solutions.

This role demands an individual with a profound background in the energy industry, coupled with a deep expertise in nuclear technologies and regulatory affairs. Additionally, this position will oversee research efforts and the development of other precommercial energy technologies.

Microsoft has previously outlined its ambitious plans, emphasizing the necessity of deploying a fleet of small modular nuclear reactors and micro-reactors to power a multitude of data centers and AI computing facilities throughout North America.

It is worth noting that Microsoft’s co-founder, Bill Gates, has been a prominent financial supporter of the nuclear energy startup TerraPower.

Mark Nelson, an esteemed energy commentator, underscores the imperative for tech companies like Microsoft to venture into nuclear power development to ensure the consistent availability of reliable, carbon-free power, thereby maintaining the stability of their operations.

Nelson states, “A lack of stable long-term power, whether clean or dirty, is constraining Microsoft’s growth. They need to build big data centers that consume electricity all the time and the old assumption that somebody else’s reliable plants will always be around to firm up your wind and solar is falling apart.”

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