Musk Reveals ChatGPT Competitor, xAI Grok, And It’s Already Provided Fake Information

Elon Musk on Friday night unveiled what is referred to as xAI’s Grok system, which has been designed as a competitor to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The reveal follows the launch of “AI generated” “see similar” posts that began appearing on X on Thursday.

While Musk refers to the Grok system as “the best that currently exists,” due to its ability to access real-time data on the X platform, it seems that it has already ran into a problem – Musk’s demonstration of the tech included incorrect data. After querying the system for “any news about sbf,” which references Sam Bankman-Fried who recently was found guilty on seven counts in his fraud trial, the system incorrectly states that the jury deliberated for eight hours.

In reality the deliberation took just over four hours.

Outside of posting incorrect data and drawing from X as a data source – which has its own issues related to misinformation – Grok is said to provide responses with the sarcasm dialed up, and to have “a little humor in its responses.” It’s unclear if this supposed feature can be turned off.

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Tech wise, the program has a limited of 25,000 characters, while API, image recognition, and audio recognition abilities are in the planning stages, as per Threads user @luokai. One version of the tech will also reportedly run locally within Tesla using local computing power, however what this means is unclear.

Grok is currently operating in an early beta stage, which when concluded will be pushed to all X Premium+ subscribers, with Musk seemingly using the software to push the subscription service, which starts at $16 a month for web users.

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