New Poll Shows Most Canadians Feel that “Canada Is Broken”

A new poll from the National Post completed by Leger reveals that 67% of Canadians agree with the sentiment that “Canada is broken,” a line that has become a sort of catchphrase for Pierre Poilievre, leader of the Conservative Party.

“It feels like everything is broken in this country right now,” he said for the first time in November, and then again in French to his caucus in January. 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau snapped back at Poilievre calling the Conservative leader exploitative.

“Mr. Poilievre has no real solutions. He’s just trying to exploit people’s anger and concerns,” Trudeau said in late January. “When you twist the facts or make things up for political gain, that’s not responsible leadership.”

But at least two-thirds of Canadians agree with Poilievre, based on a poll that surveyed 1,554 Canadians. And of these, 30% or almost half voted that they strongly agree.

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And the air is thick and heavy – the poll found that half of Canadians are angry with the way the country is being managed, with 20% saying they’re very angry. If Canada were a restaurant, that’s half of the customers wanting to talk to the manager, with 20% already threatening to give it a one-star review.

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“If you’re in government, regardless of what level — federal, provincial, or municipal — these are your customers, the general population. They all interact with you in some form or fashion, and these are their opinions. And they’re basically saying we don’t like how business is running right now,” said Andrew Enns, an executive vice president at Leger and lead researcher for this poll.

The angriest Canadians are Westerners, with the net percentage highest in Alberta at 61%. While respondents from Manitoba and Saskatchewan registered the highest rate of agreeing that Canada is broken at 74% followed closely by Alberta at 73%.

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Much of this dissatisfaction is likely stemming from how Canadians have been struggling with inflation for too long. The poll found that the combination of rising costs and interest rates is the top issue that’s affecting Canadians, followed by the state of health care, affordable housing, and jobs and the economy.

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  • February 14, 2023 4:41 PM at 4:41 pm

    I agree!! It’s Rome collapsed!! All these environmental Liberal policies broke Canada! He’s attacked our mobility Rights with his useless Arrive APP, attacked our freedom of speech with his Bills, attacked our hunting guns, attacked our farmers, attacked our industries, increased violence and drugs, spent us into extreme debt more than ALL Prime Ministers combined! Pushed EVs in a country that has extremely cold weather, mountains and no infrastructure! Held our health funding with strings attached for a national sharing digital ID, linkable, Health database! Overreached into ALL provinces, inflated groceries due to HIS money printing and debt! Made it so we can’t afford cell phones, computers, internet because we need to save every penny to heat our homes and pay for our high electric bills due to HIS EV infrastructure agenda!! Yes, I would say this country has been destroyed under this NDP propped up Liberal Government!! Trudeau, should have to pay back ALL his debt to this country because jail isn’t bad enough for this thief!


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