No, Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano Isn’t Done With Bitcoin — Maybe It’s Just Character Development?

The meme account @BusinessFamous called it: the Twitter profile of Anthony Pompliano, more popularly known as Pomp, was missing a few very significant details: “laser eyes, gone. Bitcoin in bio, gone.” Many wondered if this meant that the Bitcoin influencer has had a change of heart.

Pompliano, who’s a partner at Morgan Creek Capital, has been one of Bitcoin’s loudest evangelists, so it was strange, especially given the timing, that he quietly removed the laser eyes and Bitcoin hashtag in his bio. 

Some responded with mockery, others were disappointed that he’d give up so easily.

But apparently, the assumptions were wrong. While the tweet was going viral the Bitcoin influencer responded and said that “bear markets are for building,” and that the changes — assuming because he’s ‘building’— shouldn’t be “confused for a lack of conviction in bitcoin.”

Early on Friday, Pompiliano posted a note on his Substack to address the speculation and explained that he has not changed his mind about the digital currency.

“The truth is that I haven’t changed my mind on anything. Not only do I still have [a] deep conviction in bitcoin and its future potential, but I have also been buying more bitcoin, both personally and professionally, over the last few months,” he wrote.

And then the investor talked about how his signature laser eyes and #bitcoin in his Twitter bio were “all noise.” He said that while he recognizes that it was this whole Bitcoin guy package that made him who he is today, he regrets tying his entire identity to the digital currency. 

And thus the now controversial decision to remove the laser eyes and the hashtag… but he still has a thing for quotable one-liners like “do not let your tongue trap your mind,” and “fear convinces smart people to do dumb things.”

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