No, The Universal Basic Income Is Not Yet Coming to Canada, and There’s A Long Way To Go

In October, it was reported that the Senate was once again exploring the implementation of a universal basic income or UBI – a program meant to address poverty on a broad scale. Recently, some influencers have been spreading a narrative that it is coming to Canada, minus official sources.

The “exploration” in October marked a “historical step” as Canada has considered the concept since the 1970s. But that was all it was.

At the time, the momentum behind the push for a basic income program increased during and post the COVID-19 pandemic, notably with the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), which provided $2,000 monthly to millions of Canadians. This emergency measure sparked discussions about the feasibility of a permanent basic income program.

The Senate bill under consideration proposes a guaranteed “livable basic income” for all individuals in Canada aged 17 and above, inclusive of temporary workers, permanent residents, and refugee claimants. Crucially, this proposed framework would not replace or diminish existing health or disability benefits.

It has, unfortunately, remained where it was when it was last officially reported: in Senate limbo over two years after it was introduced by Senator Kim Pate and Member of Parliament Leah Gazan as Bills S-233 and C-223.

Even if the bills move forward, they will not implement a basic income program yet. They will only allow the government to study the concept and develop a national framework for its implementation. This means that if the bill passes both the Senate and House of Commons, provincial ministers and Indigenous governing bodies across Canada will have a year to come together and produce a report that details the results of their study.

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