Putin Is Annexing Four Ukraine Regions As Russia’s “New Subjects” Following Staged Referendums

Because he seems to be losing the war on the military front, Russian President Vladimir Putin is going in a different direction just to claim victory in Ukraine.

In a bold, desperate move, Putin gave an “annexation speech” where he claimed four Russian-occupied Ukraine regions–Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia–as the “four new subjects of the Russian Federation.”

The move comes after Russia held staged referendums among the citizens of the said Ukraine provinces, asking them if they want to be annexed by Moscow. However, many are calling the practice a “sham” as “votes” were collected on unconventional locations like park benches and police stations.

Reports from Zaporizhia relayed that armed guards were deployed to ensure that voters marked the box for annexation.

Results were overwhelmingly in favor of the annexation–with vote shares ranging from 87% in Zaporizhia to 99% in Donetsk.

“The results are known, well known,” Putin said in his speech. “People made their choice – the only choice.”

The referendums were condemned by the West as sham while experts say that Putin’s annexation announcement is illegal in international law.

Also in his speech, Putin turned the tables by alleging that it is the “greedy” West who wants to invade, specifically Russia.

“They don’t want to see us a free society. They want to see us as a crowd of slaves,” he said. “They don’t need Russia. We need Russia!”

After the speech, the Russian leader, along with the Russian-appointed leaders of the four regions signed the formal annexation documents. Putin added that the annexation is now non-negotiable and permanent.

The Russia-appointed leaders of the four newly annexed regions sit to sign the formal documents
Source: BBC

Kazahkstan, who shares its northern border with Russia, initially said it will not recognize the annexation, saying it “proceeds from the principles of territorial integrity of states, their sovereign equivalence and peaceful coexistence.”

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