Republican Wants to Raise Voting Age to 21, Says Gen Z Is ‘A Disaster’

Brigitte Gabriel, the Lebanese-American Republican who previously rose to notoriety for being anti-Islam is now earning the ire of young voters. She called to raise the voting age to 21, bring back the draft, and called Gen Z “a disaster that requires emergency correction.”

Gabriel got roasted in the comments, as can be expected, with many pointing out all the other areas Republicans seem to be alright lowering the allowed age for, like military enlistment, guns, taxes, and consent.

Gabriel’s call isn’t new. In 2022, it was found that Gen Z voters helped thwart the “red wave” that Republicans were so proudly warning about. Since then, the party has tried to push a narrative against young voters, with Fox News commentator Jesse Watters even saying that the new generation seems “brainwashed” after a vast majority of voters aged 18 to 29 voted for Democrats in the midterms.

Republicans are right to be afraid of young voters. Not only have they proven that their voice has power, but much of the right-wing rhetoric against woke-ism has also been a culture war against the political views most representative of Gen Z: gender equality and LGBTQ+ rights, diversity and inclusion, abortion rights, upholding climate goals, and a generally favorable view towards — you can almost hear older Republicans scream in terror — socialism.

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