Rising Insurance Prices Challenge Electric Vehicle Affordability

Auto insurers have significantly increased prices for electric vehicle (EV) insurance in the past year, far more than for conventional fossil fuel cars. This surge in EV insurance costs is causing concern among Tesla owners and impacting the overall adoption of electric vehicles.

Data from Confused.com, as reported by the Financial Times, reveals that the average cost of insuring electric cars rose by 72% in the year leading up to September, whereas insurance rates for petrol and diesel vehicles only increased by 29% during the same period. Notably, Tesla Model 3 owners, one of the most popular EV models, saw their premiums rise by more than two-thirds over the past two years.

Via the Financial Times

John Lewis recently suspended the sale of EV insurance policies at the request of French underwriter Covéa as it reevaluates the expenses associated with EV repairs. Aviva took a similar step earlier this year, temporarily withdrawing insurance policies for certain Tesla models due to the challenges associated with repairing electric vehicles.

One of the primary reasons for the high insurance costs for EVs is the substantial expense of replacing components. Spare parts for electric cars are often hard to source, and specialized technicians are required, adding to the overall repair costs. Insurers are also grappling with a lack of historical data regarding EV maintenance.

Batteries in EVs pose unique challenges as well. They are costly, accounting for a significant portion of the vehicle’s total value, particularly in models with extended ranges and higher power outputs. Even minor damage to these batteries can have serious consequences, potentially leading to fires or explosions.

The soaring insurance costs for electric vehicles are impacting their attractiveness to potential buyers. As EVs were on the verge of becoming financially competitive with traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, these higher insurance premiums are causing prospective buyers to reconsider their choices.

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