Russia’s National Wealth Fund Boosts Share of Chinese Yuan and Eliminates Balances of Pound, Yen

The US dollar, along with other western currencies, are losing their lustre among some major economic superpowers.

Russia’s National Wealth Fund (NWF), which stores revenue from oil exports and is used to support the national pension system and cover budget deficits, has announced that it will double the amount of Chinese yuan it holds to 60%. It will also double the amount of gold it holds to 40%, and slash its balances of British pound and Japanese yen to zero.

The NWF’s assets totaled $186.5 billion as of December 1. The decision to increase the amount of Chinese yuan and gold held by the NWF was made as part of an effort to reduce exposure to currencies of “unfriendly” countries. The head of Russia’s Finance Ministry, Anton Siluanov, has stated that the yuan has the characteristics of a reserve currency and sufficient liquidity on Russia’s domestic foreign exchange market.

The Chinese yuan has been pushing out the US dollar on the Moscow Exchange. Shortly after the West imposed sanctions against Russia and ultimately prevented the country’s central bank from conducting transactions in US dollars, pounds and euros, Moscow embarked on a campaign to shift its reserves into currencies that are easy to access.

Indeed, Yury Denisov, the head of the Moscow Exchange, reported an increase in yuan-ruble trading volumes, which are expected to surpass dollar-ruble trading volumes in 2023 as relations between Moscow and Beijing strengthen.

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