Swarmio: Enabling In-Game Purchases For Consumers – The Daily Dive

Today on The Daily Dive, we sit down with Tesh Kapadia, SVP of Global Sales for Swarmio Media (CSE: SWRM). Tesh sits down with us today to discuss the rising involvement of major brands within the esports category, and the rise of play to earn games.

We then transition to a discussion on Swarmio, wherein we go over a recent commercial agreement entered into with Ooredoo, the growth of esports in Tunisia, and a recent financing conducted by the company. We then close out the commentary with a discussion on the monetization of the firms platform and waht investors should watch for over the near term.

Swarmio Media engages telecommunications and esports firms with solutions that allow them to monetize their respective gamerbases. Its patented Latency-optimized Edge Computing promises to present a solution to the age-old delayed server responses in online gaming.

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