Swarmio Media Enters Partnership With UniPin For In-Game Content

Swarmio Media (CSE: SWRM) has entered into a fresh partnership that is expected to drive sales. The arrangement is with that of Universal Pin, or UniPin, a leading enabler of digital content for games and digital products.

The partnership will see UniPin’s products placed on to Swarmio’s gaming and esports platform known as Ember. The content, which includes items such as skins and other digital products, will then be available for purchase to consumers via direct carrier billing, credit card, and through gamers e-wallets.

“By partnering with UniPin, one of the world’s leading suppliers of in-game digital content for online games, Swarmio is tapping directly into the multibillion-dollar digital content marketplace. Meanwhile we are also eliminating inventory bottlenecks that will free up growth capital and allow us to continue our current upward trajectory,” said Swarmio CEO Vijai Karthigesu.

The benefit of the arrangement is that it gives Ember access to what it refers to as “unlimited in-game content,” while acting as a payment aggregator and streamlining the process of purchasing game add-ons for consumers. With the offerings now directly on the platform, it eliminates the need for consumers to import the digital content using pins or other validation methods, while removing inventory bottlenecks for Swarmio, and enhancing revenue opportunities via a revenue sharing arrangement.

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“In-game purchases are the bread and butter of the gaming industry, accounting for more than 70% of total gaming revenue, and further down the line this partnership will allow game publishers to reach the highly coveted markets that Swarmio is targeting. These markets, which include Africa, Asia, the Middle East and LATAM, are home to some of the largest gaming populations in the world, yet they are also home to some of the most under-banked populations in the world,” Karthigesu continued.

UniPin is currently viewed as the largest digital enabler globally, conducting over 200,000 transactions each day across 30 countries and more than 10,000 game titles.

Swarmio Media last traded at $0.045 on the CSE.

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