Tesla’s Cybertruck May Have A Charging Problem

After years of delay and a string of issues, there seems to be one final big roadblock for Tesla’s (Nasdaq: TSLA) Cybertruck. As Elektrek reports, it appears that the electric automaker’s charging infrastructure may not be fully prepared for the unique needs of the pickup truck. 

One prominent issue is the compatibility of Tesla’s Supercharger stations with the Cybertruck, but mostly for those who plan to use it to tow trailers, for example. The current setup of Supercharger stations would likely require drivers to unhook whatever they’re towing before they can charge. 

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Elektrek noted that Tesla already seems to have taken note of this inconvenience and has begun making adjustments like in the photo below where one Supercharger has enough clearance that a Cybertruck with a trailer would not block other chargers.

Via @VanquishAZ

However, this solution is currently available at only a limited number of Supercharger locations in the US.

The bigger concern seems to be the charging speed. Although the Cybertruck supports an 800-volt battery system, surpassing the existing 400-volt system in other Tesla vehicles, the Supercharger network is not currently equipped for 800-volt charging.

While Tesla likely plans to address this with new 800-volt V4 Supercharger stations, the transition poses a temporary challenge, as the first Cybertrucks are slated to begin delivery. Until these upgrades become widespread, Cybertruck owners, as well as other users of the Supercharging network, may experience extended charging periods. 

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