Tesla Backs Off Controversial Cybertruck ‘No Resale’ Policy

Tesla has quietly removed language from its sales agreement outlining the “no resale” policy for the Cybertruck. 

This change comes in the wake of widespread backlash after reports that the automaker might take legal action against buyers attempting to sell the vehicle within the first year. The policy was first reported over the weekend when an unusual paragraph titled “For Cybertruck Only” was discovered in the motor vehicle order agreements for the Model 3 and Model Y.

Previously, the policy, positioned between sections titled “No Resellers; Discontinuation; Cancellation” and “Default and Remedies,” allowed the automaker to potentially sue buyers for $50,000 — or more, depending on how much it was sold for — if they resold the vehicle without permission within the first year post-delivery. 

While resale to Tesla was allowed, it required written notification and the company’s approval, with Tesla repurchasing the vehicle from the approved buyer at the purchase price listed on the Final Price Sheet, minus $0.25 per mile driven.

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This section seems to have disappeared from the sales agreement on the website. However, it remains uncertain whether Tesla intends to introduce a similar clause in the future. 

Initial deliveries for the long-delayed Cybertruck are expected to go out beginning November 30.

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