Trevor Milton Still Claims He Was “Framed” Months After Securities Fraud Sentencing

Despite a court ruling and sentencing a few months ago, Trevor Milton, the founder of electric vehicle manufacturer Nikola (NASDAQ: NKLA), is still maintaining innocence.

Taking to Instagram, Milton maintained his innocence and vehemently denied the accusations, claiming he was “framed” for crimes he did not commit.

Milton has been sentenced to four years in prison for securities fraud. The conviction, handed down by a jury in October 2022, focused on Milton’s false claims that Nikola had independently developed a pickup truck and batteries, along with misleading statements about the functionality of their “Nikola One” semi-truck.

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The allegations against Milton and Nikola gained further traction with the release of a video by YouTuber Heavydsparks, which exposed the fraudulent nature of Nikola’s flagship product, the Badger pickup truck. The video revealed that the Badger was essentially a rebranded version of Ford F-150 trucks, adorned with Nikola logos, casting doubt on the company’s technological capabilities.

“No one should have ever taken the Nikola Badger seriously… No, I’m not surprised that the Badger got canceled,” said Dave “Heavydsparks” Sparks.

Despite mounting scrutiny and legal troubles, Milton remained actively involved in promoting the Badger, even as Nikola faced increasing skepticism from investors and industry observers.

In the wake of these controversies, the acquisition of Nikola’s assets, including the Badger, UTVs, and Wave Runners, by Ember, a company formed by partners Cole Cannon and Heavydsparks, marks a significant development. Ember seeks to clarify the authenticity of the Badger prototype and address concerns surrounding its components.

The decline in Nikola’s stock value has been a point of concern for investors, prompting efforts to regain trust and transparency. In contrast, Ember pledges to prioritize transparency in its future development plans and aims to rebuild investor confidence.

With the acquisition finalized, Ember looks forward to the development and demonstration of the Badger prototype, alongside the UTVs and Wave Runners.

“I know that every single one of you is probably dying to see these trucks in action,” Sparks said. “What questions do you have? What do you want to know about this project? Ask me anything,” he added.

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