Tweet From A Dying Hacker Promises Cryptogeddon Via Telegram Leaks

Shocking resignations, major projects being shelved, fraud allegations–these are the things that await the crypto world once a certain Telegram hacker releases a 137-gigabyte massive leak of litigious conversations involving crypto personalities.

On Tuesday, a hacker under the Twitter handle @adyingnobody posted their plan to release Telegram group chats and messages that will implicate crypto influencers and project creators in fraudulent and unethical behavior.

“I want to come clean, and I will likely tear a rift in the entire community while I’m at it and on my way out,” the tweet started.

Set to be released in three phases, the leaked conversations are expected to disclose crypto influencers (some of whom have up to 1 million followers) having “discussions pertaining to racism and homophobia, of adultery and sexual assault.” Some chats would also allegedly show these personalities “discussing rugpull projects, projects intended to scam the community and individuals,” as well as “killing and stealing the crypto of an individual.”

Fifteen days after, the hacker promises to leak messages among “project creators in the top 200 mcap projects.” These will show these personalities discussing “invitation to orgies…sexual assault, rape, and pedophilia,” alleging illegal sexual activities with “victims as young as 8 years old.”

The chat messages will also allegedly show discussions on plotting assassination “three times.”

The hacker provided a link to download the archived and encrypted Telegram leaks, which they plan to fully release on July 7. Crypto press is also being invited to reach out and be vetted to obtain sample curated conversations to prove the veracity of the content.

The purported Telegram conversations were archived between October 2019 to May 2022. The hacker was able to do this through a “vulnerability” on the chat platform, allowing one to “recreate an invite to view the overview page and recent messages of any Telegram group of an individual user without actually joining said group.”

They further added that the Telegram team was already contacted to raise the said “vulnerability”. But they maintained that “the alleged assurance of privacy and security” of the platform gave these involved personalities a false sense of security that allowed them to “express themselves freely”–hence the allegedly litigious conversations.

Aside from an apparent change of heart, the hacker also cited their terminal disease as one of the reasons that pushed them to release the leak.

“It doesn’t matter to me anymore. I am dying from illnesses that are wreaking havoc on my body. Any money I made will just go on to my family, and I will disappear after that,” they added. “But not before this feeling of guilt is released from me.”

The hacker, admitting they were part of the crypto community from whom they got rich, anticipates that after the Telegram chats are leaked, many of the individuals or projects that will be named “will not survive this”.

“There will be confusion, there will be sadness, there will be anger and there will be frustration,” they predict. “To those in my life, I am sorry but this is what I decided. I hope you understand.”

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