Twitter Blue Subscribers Can Now Conceal Their Checkmarks to Avoid Online Ridicule

Twitter Blue, the subscription service under the wing of Elon Musk, has introduced a new option that allows users to conceal the notable blue checkmark. This new development allows subscribers to hide the fact that they are paying for Twitter and avoid social ridicule.

The blue checkmark— once a symbol of account verification and credibility on Twitter, turned into chaos when Musk allowed anyone to be “verified” through a Blue subscription. The sea of fake accounts and subsequent confusion led Twitter to remove blue checkmarks from legacy verified accounts and change the way verified checkmarks were displayed. Now, blue checkmarks are specifically assigned to users who have a following of one million or more, or have paid for the service.

For those who subscribe to Twitter Blue, the service offers an optional blue checkmark with a “verified since” date attached. This includes the date an account was originally verified on Twitter before the introduction of the Blue subscription system.

Elon Musk is also actively rebranding the service to X, with aspirations to create an “everything app” that might encompass a future payments system. In a symbolic change, the familiar blue bird icon disappeared last week, replaced by an “interim” X logo. The transition was marked with an extravagant flashing and strobing X sign placed atop Twitter’s San Francisco office.

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