US DOJ Requests Arrest Warrant Be Issued For Zack Morris Due To Witness Tampering

The District Court of the Southern District of Texas has seen a motion filed for the court to move to issue an arrest warrant for Edward Constantinescu, whom online is known by the persona “Zack Morris”.

The court has filed the motion for Constantinescu to be issued an arrest warrant due to Constantinescu “attempting to obstruct the justice by pressuring a witness to provide false statements,” as well as for the “flagrant disregard of [the] Court’s orders.”

Due to the pressuring of a witness, the US Department of Justice has argued that there are no conditions of release that are suitable for Zack Morris, and as a result is requesting that the court issue a warrant for his arrest and revoke his bond through trial. It is further argued that “There is no combination of conditions that will assure [Constantinescu] does not pose a danger to any other person or the community,” and that he is “unlikely to abide by any condition or combination of conditions.”

The request follows a decision in April by the courts that Constantinescu “shall no longer participate in any form of social media for business or personal means.”

Earlier this week, the courts also denied a request put forth by Morris and other members of Atlas Trading for a six month continuance, to allow more time to prepare for trial.

Morris and members of his “gang”: Perry Matlock, Thomas Cooperman, Gary Deel, Mitchell Hennessey, Stefan Hrvatin, John Rybarcyzk, and Daniel Knight, are currently facing the Department of Justice in court in connection with a long-running, social media-based “pump and dump” operation. The group allegedly profited at least approximately $114 million from their scheme from January 2020 to April 2022.

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