Verses Files Another Patent Related To Artificial Intelligence

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Verses AI (NEO: VERS) has submitted another provisional patent application. The latest patent filed related to a new method for “protective querying,” which is used on vector graph document databases.

The predictive queries are said to operate on vector graph document databases through the use of hyperspatial modeling language, or HSML, in combination with an inference algorithm that provides a probabilistic and contextualized result. The result is said to seek to provide a user with additional info that has been predicted to be of interest to the user based on the context of the query.

The tech, in simpler terms, is said to allow the generation of predictions related to the data being searched that is based on comparative, relationship, and similarity information specific to the user. This enables the most probable and relevant match to a users implicit goal to be provided.

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“Through evaluating current data solutions like vector search databases and graph databases, we identified significant gaps in effectiveness, so we invented new methods of modeling, managing and querying data that are tailored more towards new modalities in artificial intelligence. This provisional patent is an important milestone that further signals our leadership position in the AI landscape and I couldn’t be more proud of the team and the tools we’re building,” commented CTO of Verses Jason Fox.

The development follows the company filing a patent for a technical breakthrough in artificial intelligence, which it announced in May 2023. That patent is said to relate to the automating of the generation of intelligent software agents from data sets, which are able to interact with software and hardware systems such as drones, sensors, robots, and actuators. The tech was designed to streamline as well as automate the creation of digital taskmasters, or what it calls intelligent agents.

Verses AI last traded at $1.90 on the Neo.

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