Verses Pens Open Letter To OpenAI For AI Collaboration

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VERSES AI (NEO: VERS) is attempting to grab the attention of OpenAi in a big way, publishing an open letter to the artificial intelligence market leader in the New York Times this morning, inviting collaboration on artificial general intelligence.

Verses has invited OpenAI for collaboration on the basis of its charter, which declares, “If a value-aligned, safety-conscious project comes close to building AGI before we do, we commit to stop competing with and start assisting this project.” The aim of the proposed collaboration is to ensure that AGI can be developed based upon established standards.

The letter is centered on Verses’ alternative approach to artificial general intelligence (AGI), which uses active inference. The approach uses techniques and tools that enable the design and deployment of intelligent agents that can learn from relevant data to produce auditable results through a decision-making and action-selection process.

Verses claims that this approach to AGI may soon surpass the performance of leading AI approaches that are based on deep learning, while managing to use less data and computations.

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While the dominant deep learning methods that underpin today’s foundational models, such as GPT-4, LLaMa, BARD and Claude, among others, have demonstrated truly amazing progress in the field, their lack of generalizability, explainability and governability suggest that they will not lead to AGI that is adaptable, safe or sustainable,” begins the letter.

VERSES recently achieved a significant internal breakthrough in Active Inference that we believe addresses the tractability problem of probabilistic AI. This advancement enables the design and deployment of adaptive, real-time Active Inference agents at scale, matching and often surpassing the performance of state-of-the-art deep learning.

This active inference breakthrough is slated to be integrated into Verses’ Genius platform, which is focused on providing developers with the ability to create agents that can learn from any dataset, reasoning, planning and adapting.

“The VERSES AI Research Lab has spent years fine-tuning the intricacies surrounding Active Inference. By incorporating the Free Energy Principle, a physics-based approach to AI, we are granted the possibility of modeling any physical system as an Active Inference agent that reasons, learns, plans and predicts in real-time,” commented Dr Karl Friston, chief scientist for Verses and the pioneer of active inference.

The full letter can be read here.

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