Yikes: Crypto.com Accidentally Transfers $10.5 Million While Trying To Process A $100 Refund

A Crypto.com employee mistakenly typed an account number on the payment section and accidentally deposited AUS$10.5 million into an account owned by a Melbourne-based woman, according to the Australian news outlet, 7NEWS. The employee was attempting to process an AUS$100 refund.

The Singapore-based cryptocurrency trading firm only noticed the error seven months after. The mistake happened in May 2021 and was discovered during an annual audit in December 2021, and the firm has since launched legal action against the recipient, who was identified as Thevamanogari Manivel, and her sister Thilagavathy Gangadory.

The plot thickens: they had already spent a portion of it.

The court found that after mistakenly receiving the huge sum, Manivel transferred $10.1 million of it to a joint account. And then in February, she took funds from two accounts to purchase a luxury five-bedroom home in Craigieburn, worth $1.35 million, as a gift for her sister.

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The court has ordered the home to be sold, and the money to be given back to the company.

Had the error been discovered shortly after it was done, the firm could’ve just reversed the transaction. The time period that elapsed between the error and its discovery complicates matters. But, nevertheless, you can’t really expect to accidentally receive $10 million and just say “dibs.”

“There’s no doubt that if you saw that in your account you would know it shouldn’t be there, and the onus is actually on you to actually call the sender and to say look that shouldn’t have come into my account,” Justin Lawrence from Henderson and Ball Lawyers told 7NEWS.

“If you’re withholding property of someone else you’re effectively holding property by deception, you’re not entitled to it, you need to give it back.”

The case is set to return to court in October.

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