YouTube Updates Misinformation Policies, Will Remove Content on Covid-19 Myths, Alternative Cancer Treatments

Earlier this week, YouTube unveiled a refined policy aimed at curbing medical misinformation on its platform. The company plans to simplify its existing rules, categorizing them under three main headers: prevention, treatment, and denial. Consequently, YouTube will eliminate content that opposes recognized health guidelines on topics including but not limited to Covid-19, reproductive health, cancer, and harmful substances.

YouTube’s overarching aim— as it claims in its announcement— is to prevent the platform from being a conduit for information that could endanger lives, especially in areas where there’s a robust scientific consensus. “While specific medical guidance can change over time as we learn more, our goal is to ensure that when it comes to areas of well-studied scientific consensus, YouTube is not a platform for distributing information that could harm people.” 

In delineating content that qualifies for removal, YouTube will gauge if the topic poses a significant public health risk and is susceptible to misinformation. Cancer, for instance, has been cited as an area of concern, given the inclination of diagnosed individuals to seek advice online.

However, while content promoting unverified treatments or undermining effective ones will be flagged for removal, YouTube claims certain exception will be made. The platform said that content of “public interest”, even if contrary to the new policy, might stay online. For example, if a politician challenges official health directives or if a public event disseminates incorrect information, YouTube might opt against removal. In such cases, the company plans to provide additional context for the audience, ensuring they can view content with a well-informed perspective.

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  • August 20, 2023 7:20 AM at 7:20 am

    Applies to all except Fox News who has killed more people than any other misinformation website by spreading dangerous propaganda about vaccinations and treatments. They continue to do it. Why aren’t you asking YouTube for an explanation?


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