1 Dead, “Exodus To Begin” As Intense Rain Douses Burning Man Festival

New revelations have emerged regarding the tragic incident that occurred at the Burning Man festival, where a man lost his life amid the unexpected turmoil caused by a severe storm that left approximately 70,000 festivalgoers stranded on-site.

Burning Man was plunged into pandemonium over the weekend as torrential flooding led to the closure of the entrance and a desperate call for attendees to conserve their limited resources of water, food, and fuel.

On Saturday, festival officials confirmed the unfortunate passing of one individual at the Nevada desert event. However, on Sunday, Burning Man Communications released a statement asserting that the fatality had no connection to the adverse weather conditions. The Pershing County Sheriff’s Office is actively investigating the circumstances surrounding the death.

This unsettling turn of events has spawned an alarming proliferation of unfounded conspiracy theories online, including baseless claims of an Ebola outbreak.

In the midst of these challenges, Burning Man organizers announced their intention to reopen the festival site on Monday morning.

Despite the setbacks, the festival remained committed to its plans to ignite its iconic effigy, which had been postponed due to the relentless rain and flooding. In an update on Sunday evening, the festival stated, “The Man burn will not happen tonight, Sunday, it is now scheduled for Monday 9/4, at 9pm.”

However, in an X post, the organizer said that the venue “remains too wet and muddy for most vehicles to safely navigate.”

“Exodus likely to begin around noon today, Monday 9/4,” they added.

Raining man

The ominous signs of a soaked festival emerged days before the official gate opening when Tropical Storm Hilary wreaked havoc in California, leading to extensive flooding and damage. This unseasonal storm inundated the festival grounds in the Black Rock Desert with water, overwhelming the arid terrain’s capacity to absorb such heavy rainfall. Organizers forewarned early-arriving attendees, who were tasked with constructing the desert encampment during “build week,” that the gates would remain closed until August 23.

On said day, the gates were finally opened for festival workers, granting access to artists tasked with creating this year’s central attraction, the Temple of the Heart structure. A few days after, the gates swung open to admit the majority of the tens of thousands of revelers. The average wait time at the gate was approximately two hours, as reported by festival organizers.

The festival grounds experienced an extraordinary deluge, receiving 0.8 inches of rain over a 24-hour period spanning the evening of September 1 into the following day. This unexpected weather event was attributed to the lingering effects of Tropical Storm Hilary and amounted to two to three months’ worth of rain.

Some resilient festivalgoers decided to take matters into their own hands, embarking on arduous treks through the mud to reach nearby pickup points. Notable figures like comedian Chris Rock and DJ Diplo documented their journey through the muck on social media.

“I have some pretty strong leg muscles after that walk,” Diplo shared with CNN on Monday morning. He attributed his ability to cover such a distance to the durable combination of duct tape and robust boots, which “were like three pounds each at one point”.

Subsequently, a fan extended a helping hand to Diplo, whose real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz, as well as comedian Chris Rock.

“Some kid recognized me on the road and said, ‘Hey, I’ll give you a ride for the next two miles.’ And of course, we gladly took it,” Diplo recounted.

A morning update on September 3 revealed that the roads remained inaccessible due to the pervasive mud, with an uncertain weather forecast compounding the situation. Roads leading to and from the Burning Man festival remained closed, forcing attendees to ration essential supplies and shelter in place.

While the festival was scheduled to conclude on Monday, the timing of attendees’ departure from the area remains uncertain. Organizers at the time indicated that the potential reopening of Gate Road, the primary access route, could occur around noon on Monday. The improvement in weather conditions, with sunny and dry conditions forecasted for western Nevada, was expected to facilitate the process.

Though some individuals managed to leave the site by trudging through the thick mud, most RVs remained immobilized. However, festivalgoers demonstrated remarkable resilience, and acts of kindness have proliferated within the community. Some have offered food, shelter, and support to those in need, strengthening the bonds among attendees.

By Monday evening, the wait time to exit the event was estimated at being over 7 hours and climbing, with officials suggesting that many wait until Tuesday morning to exit the grounds.

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