Amazon-Meta Deal Will Allow Users To Buy Directly From Instagram and Facebook

Amazon and Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, are currently testing a feature that allows users to make purchases directly from Amazon through ads on Instagram and Facebook. As part of this initiative, consumers are encouraged to link their Amazon accounts to their social media profiles. The aim is to make Meta more appealing to advertisers and enable Amazon to attract a broader audience beyond its own online store.

This collaboration between the two tech giants may also serve as a strategic move to counter challenges from competitors such as TikTok, which has recently entered the US e-commerce market, alongside emerging Chinese platforms like Temu and Shein.

According to an Amazon spokesperson, US shoppers will be provided with real-time pricing, delivery estimates, and product details within select Amazon ads on Facebook and Instagram. The spokesperson emphasized that customers will now have the ability to shop directly from Amazon’s ads on these social media platforms and complete the purchase without leaving the app.

While Meta declined to comment and directed inquiries to Amazon, the extent of the initiative’s rollout remains unclear. Some Instagram ads already encourage users to “shop with Amazon,” directing them to product pages and purchase buttons. Maurice Rahmey, a professional assisting brands in advertising on Meta and Google, expressed optimism about the partnership’s potential for significant revenue growth for Meta, Amazon, and advertisers.

Amazon’s ongoing efforts to target customers beyond its primary app and marketplace include the introduction of “Buy with Prime” last year. This feature aims to generate logistics revenue from transactions on external websites, enhancing the value of Prime memberships.

On the other hand, Meta has faced challenges in making strides in the e-commerce sector. The company abandoned its Instagram shop tab and discontinued live shopping features for Facebook and Instagram. In contrast, Amazon has traditionally appealed to mission-oriented shoppers but has struggled to assist consumers in discovering new products.

Following changes to Apple Inc.’s privacy policies in 2021, allowing users to opt-out of tracking by advertisers, Meta experienced a significant loss of advertising revenue, estimated at $10 billion. In response, Meta has been exploring ways to improve the accuracy of its ad targeting through the use of artificial intelligence.

Juozas Kaziukenas, the founder and CEO of Marketplace Pulse, noted that shopping apps and social media sites typically operate as isolated entities. However, the partnership between Amazon and Facebook demonstrates how their respective strengths can complement each other. Kaziukenas emphasized that this collaboration benefits shoppers by providing more relevant ads and a faster checkout experience, while Amazon stands to gain increased shopping volume.

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