Canadian Voters Are Getting Strategic, Liberals Still Lagging Far Behind

For most Canadians planning to vote for the Liberal Party, the primary motivation appears to be preventing the Conservatives from winning rather than endorsing the party’s vision and leader, Justin Trudeau, a recent poll by the Angus Reid Institute reveals. 

Via Angus Reid Institute

According to the poll, which was conducted online from January 16th to 17th and included 1,620 Canadian adults, a significant 63% of Liberal supporters are more inclined to vote defensively against a Conservative government, while only 9% are passionate about the Liberal party.

In contrast, Conservative voters are more motivated by their support for Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre and the party’s vision, with 62% citing these factors as their primary motivation for voting. These voters constitute a quarter of the electorate overall.

The poll also highlights the possibility of strategic voting playing a significant role in the election. Notably, 36% of NDP supporters are open to switching their votes to the Liberals if it appears the Conservative Party is poised for victory. This potential shift could have serious implications for NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and his party, given the NDP’s recent increase in support.

Moreover, Bloc Québécois voters who want to block the Conservatives also indicated a willingness to switch, with 35% considering such a move.

The Conservative Party maintains a double-digit lead in voter support since September. Currently, 41% of Canadians express their support for the Conservatives, while 24% favor the Liberals, and 20% back the NDP. Notably, the Conservatives lead in all regions except Quebec, where the Bloc Québécois holds the upper hand.

Despite these dynamics, both Justin Trudeau and Pierre Poilievre face unpopularity among the majority of voters, with 64% disapproving of Trudeau and 40% viewing Poilievre favorably.

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