Cannabis One Secures Oregon Manufacturing & Processing Facilities and Expands with CBD-Infused Products Line

Today Cannabis One Holdings Inc. (CSE:CBIS) announced that it is expanding its multi-state footprint for both CBD and THC-infused products with the leasing of two (2) manufacturing and processing facilities in the State of Oregon, totaling over 21,000 ft2. Located near Portland, Oregon, the Company is transitioning the existing facilities into state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution centers. These facilities are being developed in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards to ensure the production of only the highest-quality products – with an eye towards international export, as legislation and regulation may permit.

“Following the passage of the United States Farm Bill, mainstream consumers will increasingly be able to enjoy the broad benefits of non-psychoactive hemp-derived CBD, with Cannabis One positioning well to take advantage of this global opportunity…. Having successfully operated in one of the most competitive cannabis jurisdictions around the world, Cannabis One is confident it can translate its experience into the Oregon market and abroad.”

Jeff Mascio, CEO of Cannabis One
Jeff Mascio, CEO of Cannabis One

Additionally, the Cannabis One team is excited to announce its new “Herah” product line, consisting of CBD-wellness products, inspired by cannabis industry pioneer, Herah Osborne. The Herah product line will incorporate sought-after botanical ingredients into topical and tincture applications, including eye repair serums, body lotions, and facial creams. The development of ‘Herah’-branded products will also permit Cannabis One to utilize its new CBD platform to produce and distribute its Honu-branded line of CBD-infused products and Evergreen Organix-branded line of CBD edibles, confections, and topicals. These innovative new product lines are a continuation of Cannabis One’s stated strategy of leveraging award-winning brands to create multi-state brand arbitrage opportunities.

“As a mother of twins with a rare genetic disorder, my cannabis journey began with the pursuit of novel therapies to manage such symptoms. With this announcement, I am thrilled to continue this endeavour and to partner with the experience of Cannabis One’s management team to continue the development of alternative CBD-wellness solutions for afflicted individuals across the country.”

Herah Osborne, Industry Expert

In pursuing the development of CBD production facilities, Cannabis One is strategically entering the CBD-wellness market at a time when U.S. federal regulations now permit a growing breadth of products containing hemp-derived CBD. The tremendous opportunity offered by hemp-derived CBD has been confirmed by the recent entry of nation-wide retailers, including CVS Health (NYSE: CVS), as they look to capitalize on the increasing number of applications for hemp-derived CBD. In addition to its Herah CBD line, Cannabis One’s entry into the Oregon market is anticipated to also provide the Company with another facility from which to manufacture and distribute its complete array of award-winning THC brands, including Honu, Evergreen Organix, INDVR, and West Edison, upon securing the requisite Oregon Liquor Control Commission (“OLCC“) cannabis licensing approvals.

About Cannabis One

IF WE BRAND IT, THEY WILL COME – Cannabis One Holdings Inc. (CSE:CBIS) is focused on aggregating and optimizing popular cannabis brands throughout North America. With its unique, franchise-ready retail brand, The JointTM, and through targeted acquisition and partnership opportunities, Cannabis One intends to become the premier, globally-recognized, “House of Brands”, holding a client portfolio of award-winning products with an extensive market footprint. Through the Company’s The JointTM retail concept, Cannabis One intends to leverage the consumer and brand data harvested from its retail locations to bring data-driven analytics to an emerging, branded industry. For consumers, Cannabis One desires to become the definitive source for unparalleled product selection and renowned service in an otherwise fragmented market.

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