Citigroup: Bitcoin Could Become ‘Currency of Choice’ For Global Trade

The largest cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin, climbed back up to above US$48,000, following a Citi report suggesting the digital currency has the potential to become the preferred currency for international trade.

According to the report, Citi predicts that Bitcoin’s recent price rally was the result of growing involvement of institutional investors, many of which have been in search of alternative assets and higher returns— compared to the significant retail investor focus that has dominated the cryptocurrency over the past several years. The recent embrace of Bitcoin by prominent names including Mastercard, Tesla, and Square, could be the beginning of a “massive transformation” towards a mainstream adaptation.

However, Citi also notes that a number of persistent issues with Bitcoin still remain, which will likely continue to inhibit the cryptocurrency’s widespread adoption for the time being. “For institutional investors, these include concerns over capital efficiency, insurance and custody, security, and ESG considerations from bitcoin mining. Security issues with cryptocurrency do occur, but when compared to traditional payments, it performs better,” the bank added.

Citi also pointed out that in the event that individuals and businesses get access to central bank digital cash and stablecoins, then Bitcoin’s reach on a global scale, traceability, and quick payment potential, could put the digital currency in a favourable position to become the “currency of choice for international trade.” On the other hand though, such a dramatic transformation of Bitcoin becoming the currency of choice for global trade would largely depend on the market allowing increased institutional participation and more oversight by financial regulators.

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One thought on “Citigroup: Bitcoin Could Become ‘Currency of Choice’ For Global Trade

  • March 5, 2021 12:42 AM at 12:42 am

    With the utmost respect to the group looking into Bitcoin as a currency of choice. The Bitcoin technology is antiquated. It is not scalable for integration into our the real world of financial transactions. Bitcoin will always be king, but it serves an entirely different purpose. Its the OG Crypto, yo.

    Ethereum has the technical capabilities coupled with Polkadot, these two are going to impact our civilization as we elevate technical standards to Web3.0.

    We need to look at is the technology that has the capability and adaptability to weave through the complex world we live in.


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