Coffezilla Paid Dillon Danis To Promote Fake NFT That Links To His Past “Scams” – And He Did

In his crusade to uncover crypto scams, YouTube channel Coffeezilla, run by Stephen Findeisen, is at it again–this time, tricking MMA fighter Dillon Danis to promote a fake NFT project that leads to a website “devoted to all the scams he’s done in the past.”

“We just tricked Dillon Danis into promoting a fake NFT project. We paid him $1,000 to post, he didn’t disclose it was an #AD, and posted copy that literally spells out S.C.A.M.,” Coffeezilla tweeted.

Danis seems to have deleted the tweet promoting the fake project.

For Coffeezilla, this just proves that Danis will promote a crypto project with “zero due diligence.” The website detailing the mixed martial artist’s scams, presumably developed by Coffeezilla, relays similar promotions of crypto projects Danis has tweeted in the past.

“We found over 20 crypto projects Dillon Danis promoted online for money, and then tried deleting the evidence from the Internet,” the website read.

Some of the projects Danis promoted before are Charix, Metathugs, BabyEth, and MiniShiba– all of which seem to have bottomed out after a major surge or rug pull.

Coffeezilla recently garnered attention after he released a three-part video series investigating on crypto game platform CryptoZoo and how it never got to be played the way its founder Logan Paul marketed it to be. The celebrity influencer has explained his side, essentially claiming that he was caught in between bad actors that led to the project’s fall and was last revealed to be having dialogue with Coffeezilla on how they can make CryptoZoo customers whole.

Paul and his cohorts have recently been sued in the Western District Court of Texas for eight counts of fraud, contract breaches, and unjust enrichment, among others, regarding the CryptoZoo scheme.

Danis has become increasingly popular in recent months. He was scheduled to fight KSI on January 14 in London but backed out from the match card, with KSI’s manager saying the “real reason… is that [Danis] is unprepared.”

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